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If you would like to purchase a Bound by Cooksey book for your own collection you may contact me at I am represented at Vamp & Tramp Booksellers and Lux Mentis Booksellers as well.



At the end of the day, I'm a patient, hard worker, but for the people who don't see me in the studio, it comes forth in a beautiful and finished product that inspires the imagination.


With every project you can expect timely checkups and updates on how the process is going. I and readily available for any communications and care about each project deeply. You can always rest assured that I will provide timely responses, a finished product, and to create a book or box that makes us both happy.

Custom Boxes for Books

This includes clamshells, folders, slots.  I can do label wells, corners, double walled, foil embossing on the boxes as well. Usually prices start at $150 and increase for customization (prices change for an edition of boxes).

Design Bindings

Made in the highest quality of leather, with hopes to make the client and binder happy. I prefer to do bindings where I'm able to control the art, but if the client would like a certain object on the cover, or title, we can always work together.

Small Edition Bindings

Maximum is 25 ( I have a small studio), cloth and paper bindings. If you have a book that's made but needs sewn and put together, then I would love to bring it to life!


Have any questions about Bound by Cooksey, working on a project, or bookbinding in general? Send me a message.