Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

This was my practice fine binding for North Bennet Street School. A practice book is suppose to be a simple leather binding done to show you’re competent. But of course, I couldn’t help the design just bubbling out of me.

I asked my teacher, Jeff Altepeter, if it was ok if I did this and he said “have at it.” The text pages of this book has beautiful borders surrounding the words on each page, so I wanted to incorporate these elements into my design. I drew up a swirly border that would look psychedelic and 1920s at the same time. The process to hand dye the goat skin for this book was pretty complicated. I printed the design on mylar, projected it on the wall, and set my book up in front of the wall so I could use rabbit skin glue to paint on where I wanted the gold swirls to be. I used the negative space to create a rabbit hole on the front cover with roots going down into the gold swirls. The title and author's name on the spine is also hand painted.