Fantasy and Nonesense

This book was done in my spare time while taking a design binding class at the American Academy of Bookbinding with Don Etherington. I told him my idea, and he said, "If you need help just ask." And for some reason, I took that as "You better forge ahead Gabby."

The assistant in the class, Coleen Curry, helped me a lot because she could tell I needed it. I had a detailed map laid out so I wouldn’t mess up the placement of the shark teeth, which were numbered and labeled to fit their slot on the book board perfectly. I epoxied the teeth in, cut the calf skin leather where the teeth would go and continued to cover the structure in leather. Because Fantasy and Nonesense wasn’t intended as a tradition fine binding, I scrunched up the leather to make it look ragged and alive. There was definitely blood shed when I covered the book because the teeth were so sharp. I think this is still one of my favorite books I have ever done.

Book not for purchase.