7 Skulls

My artist book, The Book of Penumbra, is the text for this fine binding. It’s about 7 different death gods from around the world, and I show different emotions for each god such as anger, empathy, jealousy. I carved out 7 black pearl skulls from a Dremel drill to represent each god, and I mounted them on metal wire to show a ritualistic depiction of heads on spikes. The reason for the oval is because I used a set size oval for all the illustrations and text to fit into so I wanted to mimic that shape on the cover. The boards are thicker so the pearls wouldn’t get knocked around to much when handled.






Full leather binding with a hollow tube. Covered in green goat skin leather with hand sewn silk endbands. Gold metal wiring interlaced into the front cover to hold the 7 hand carved black pearl skulls. Hand marbled pastedowns and Japanese paper flyleaves. Text sewn on Japanese paper hinges. 


H 5.86in xW 4.38in xD .56in